Blogs For Beginners

Blogs (an abbreviation for web logs) are online forums that allow you to communicate instantly with your clientele. A blog differs from a web site in that it is interactive. The blog owner posts an article to which readers can respond, creating a discussion on any topic.

Business bloggers have a ready-made niche in their own specialties. An attorney might present articles about legal services, while an interior designer might blog about the latest home trends. Choose a subject you are uniquely qualified to cover.

Next, you'll need a host. Google runs Blogger, one of the largest, but there are other options including WordPress and LiveJournal. You can use the provided templates, or create your own. A web search for "blog templates" comes up with hundreds of options. Lay out your blog with the sidebars and links you'd like to include.

Keep your blog entries short and sweet. Include keywords, which will be listed at the bottom allowing your readers to click for articles on those subjects. You'll notice below that this article includes the keywords "beginners, blogs, Internet, small business." The blog software automates the moderation of comments (a necessity to avoid spam remarks).

How can you use blogs to market your business? It's best to integrate it into your existing marketing efforts. In my case, I took my already-successful newsletter and supplemented it with a blog. This way my readers can choose the method that suits them, and still get the same great computer advice.

Tell me about your blogging experience by clicking the Comments link below. In July I'd like to ask your opinion about Disappointing Computer Store Service.

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