Newsweek And Other Legit Sites May Contain Scareware

This article caught my attention recently, concerning a scareware scam that is being distributed via Newsweek's web site. I mention this one in particular because it's an example of how bad links sometimes come from good sites.

Scareware is when you receive a popup that insists there's something wrong with your computer. It's a scam to try to get you to click on a link, thus infecting your computer with viruses and possibly also ripping off your credit card. Don't expect your antivirus software to catch this stuff, it often sneaks through. I strongly encourage you to protect yourself through a combination of good computer security, free web site ratings software like McAfee SiteAdvisor or LinkExtend for Firefox, and plain old common sense.

Here are some of my previous articles which may help you out in this situation:

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