What I'm Doing With Twitter And Tech Tips

I thought I'd take a moment to explain to my regular readers how I'm using Twitter in relation to Tech Tips.

Most of you already know that I offer Tech Tips in two formats. There is the email version, where I publish my newsletter on the 15th of the month and also provide notification of new blog entries as they become available. My blog is where I add tidbits pertinent to the computer needs of small businesses and consumers.

Some of you may not know that I am a freelance writer as well as a computer consultant. To that end, my Twitter account contains a little of both. In addition to providing computer news and links to relevant articles, I will also be including updates about freelancing, writing, Web 2.0 and my primary genres, science fiction and fantasy.

If you're interested, come join me on Twitter. If you prefer your Tech Tips straight up, you may wish to stick with my blog and email list. Don't forget that email subscribers receive bonus product reviews and other information. As always it's completely FREE, and your email address will never be sold to third parties. You can also find my Twitter updates (tweets) in the upper right-hand corner of the Tech Tips blog.

And if you're curious about Twitter but not sure how to start, come to my Social Networking: Marketing Your Business Online class on September 24th. You're always welcome to follow me on Twitter to get your feet wet. I promise to give you a stress-free introduction to the world of social networking.

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