Microsoft To Replace Entourage With New Outlook For Mac

Microsoft has announced that the next version of Office For Mac will include Outlook as a replacement for Entourage.

“It is an exciting time for the MacBU with updates to our current products and the first public announcement about the next version of Office for Mac. For several years we have focused on providing the best Microsoft Exchange client for the Mac, and the Web Services Edition delivers that today for Entourage users,” said Eric Wilfrid, general manager for the MacBU at Microsoft. “Outlook for Mac will bring features our customers have long requested — such as Information Rights Management — that make working across platforms even easier. I think people will see that this move to Outlook for Mac is more than just a name change.”
This could be really good, or really bad. Although Microsoft says this will not be a feature-to-feature match for Windows-based Outlook, anything that gives Mac users greater compatibility, especially with Exchange, is a positive step forward. That being said, we all know that Microsoft doesn't always deliver as promised. A new Outlook for Mac is vaporware at this point, since the release of Office for Mac is at least eighteen months out. And I hope the migration process from Entourage to the new Outlook isn't as problematic as the one we had to endure from Outlook Express for Mac to Entourage when the latter was first released.

I think this represents acknowledgment on Microsoft's part that the Mac is in the enterprise to stay, and I look forward to testing the new Outlook for Mac when it becomes available.

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