Internet Safety For Kids

Each year I give you pointers on how to protect your kids from cyberbullies and other Internet dangers. We talked about "acceptable use" policies in 2007 and reviewed basic do's and don'ts in 2008. This year I'd like to introduce you to the Internet Safety Pledge, which I use in my Internet classes for kids.

You can find the Internet Safety Pledge on What I like about the Safety Pledge is that it gives you age-appropriate bullet points you can use as a basis for discussion. No documentation can substitute for sitting down and talking with your kids about online safety, or anything else for that matter. I recommend you review the Safety Pledge with your children and reinforce that they should come to you with concerns or questions.

Of course, maintaining a secure computer is a must with kids in the house. You'll find my four steps to computer security and my security software recommendations here on my blog.

I'll be teaching more classes on Internet Safety For Kids this fall, so if you missed my summer sessions be sure to check my web site for registration details. I'm also happy to sit down with you and your kids during any regular tech support visit.

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