Quark Offers Upgrade For Older Versions Of Quark XPress

This is a nice gesture on the part of Quark, although I suspect it has more to do with the inroads on their marketshare made by Adobe InDesign than genuinely wanting to help customers (otherwise why does their tech support still stink?).

Through September 30, 2009 you can upgrade any version to Quark XPress 8 for $299. They can even help if you don' t have your original serial number. You can also continue to use the older version as long as it's on the same computer, which is convenient for those of you who still need to work with the older formats.

It will likely be cheaper to do this upgrade and then use your Quark 8 license to upgrade to the next version down the road, rather than buying the next version outright whenever it becomes available. And believe me, I still see a whole lot of older Quark versions, especially our friend version 4.

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