Blogs For Business

How can blogs help you market your business? Every day I meet people who are finding innovative ways to get the most out of blogs, or regularly updated web sites that integrate articles and reader commentary.

Blogs can help you reach new customers while staying in touch with old ones. They say you have to contact someone seven times before he or she remembers you. Blogs make it easy to keep people informed about news and trends in your industry. My Tech Tips blog is an example of a small business blog. It helps me maintain a rapport with existing and potential customers by providing value-added information. You can also improve your customer service and cut down on staff time by using your blog to answer your company's Frequently Asked Questions.

Your business blog is part of your online brand. When you think of Coca-Cola or Nike, those names instantly bring to mind familiar products. You want your customers to associate your name with good feelings about the products and services you sell. Remember, to get you have to give. By providing free and pertinent information, you'll establish yourself as a leader in your field.

Marketing your blog isn't as hard as you think. Send an announcement to your customers, put links in your email signature, and be sure to mention it when networking. This month's Tech Tip will tell you how to optimize your web site or blog to be more findable on Internet search engines.

In July you'll get a special preview of the new operating systems, Windows 7 And Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Don't forget to subscribe to Tech Tips for bonus tips and tricks plus the latest computer news.

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