Goodbye, Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money has been discontinued. The software will no longer be sold after June 30, 2009. You can keep using the program, although yearly tax updates will cease after January 2011. After that you can still update the tax tables manually, but under Microsoft's lifecycle policy the software will no longer be supported. If you are using an older version of Money, it is not recommended that you upgrade at this time, and I certainly wouldn't buy extended service options.

If you want a specifically Microsoft financial product, there's Office Accounting Professional, which is to Money what Intuit's QuickBooks is to Quicken. If all you want is a basic register, this may not be the right product for you. Besides Intuit, you might also look into Peachtree as an alternative to Microsoft Money. Whatever you choose, make sure you can export your data into a common format like CSV or Excel, just in case your accounting software decides to go the way of the dinosaur.

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