Windows XP Attacks Abound: Time To Upgrade To Vista

I'm seeing a rash of seriously infected Windows XP computers. The technical term for these computers would be toasty. Fake antivirus, insidious spyware, you name it, these computers have it, and the vast majority of them are quite well protected from a Windows XP standpoint.

It's sad to say, but our decisions to upgrade have become less about whether we need it for productivity and more about whether our computers can remain functional against the continual onslaught of cyber-attacks. Remember, Windows XP is 8 years old. These attacks are sneaking through despite our best defenses. Windows Vista is no panacea, but its improvements in security offer better protection.

If your computer doesn't meet the system recommendations for Vista--the real recs, not Microsoft's bare-minimum--an upgrade to Vista equals either an upgrade in hardware or possibly a new computer. Bearing in mind that Windows 7 is slated to come out around the 2009 holiday season, this means your Windows XP days are numbered. The good news is that your software should, for the most part, be compatible. The bad news, if you don't care for the Vista interface, is that you'll finally have to bite that bullet. If you're not sure what to do, I'm always happy to evaluate your computers at my next service visit.

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