Malware Via LinkedIn

The word is getting out that phony MySpace and FaceBook profiles can deliver malware (malicious unwanted software, also known as spyware) to your computer. But many business professionals are unaware that similar threats also occur on LinkedIn and other business-oriented social networking sites.

At the moment the LinkedIn versions of these scams are the electronic equivalent of crayon scribbles: amateurish and easy to spot. However, you can expect them to become more prevalent and convincing. From a recent eWeek article:

[A]t the same time that LinkedIn's image makes it unlikely that any large number of people will click on through when profiles are being advertised as celebrity porn, you have to recognize that its business focus could conceivably make the site an even more dangerous weapon in the hands of truly cunning attackers -- who could, say, post a believable profile for a well-known CEO or industry pundit along with links to similarly themed malware URLs.
Bad Web links are all over the place, so please be careful when clicking on links, even on reputable sites.

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