Fake Antivirus On Macs

It had to happen. Macs are the latest target of fake antivirus software scams.

For some time I've been warning PC users about scareware scams: warnings claiming that your computer is infected and you must buy "Insert Name" antivirus software or you're doomed. Please don't fall for these tricks. There are perfectly good antivirus programs out there that don't advertise via the electronic equivalent of unwanted solicitors.

My current recommendations on Mac antivirus programs are:

And so you PC users don't feel left out:

I evaluate antivirus software on a continual basis, but you'll always find my recommendations here on the Tech Tips blog (under Windows and Mac in the sidebar).

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Anonymous said... January 28, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

Great info: As always, you're on top of all things PC and Mac.

Thanks again for doing this blog,

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