Should You Buy PC Or Mac?

When choosing a computer, you want to be happy with it in the long run. By evaluating the best computer for your needs, you can stretch its lifespan and spare your wallet.

The first question people ask is, "PC or Mac?" I call it the "Coke or Pepsi" argument because it's a matter of personal preference. PCs and Macs let you do the same things: check email, surf the Web, write documents. They differ in how you use them.

PCs are ubiquitous in the business world, so if you already have an investment in Windows it's wise to keep it. This is especially true for those who use the enhanced features of programs like Outlook,Windows Server, and Exchange. For your average consumer, Windows works well but can be difficult to keep protected from Internet threats.

Everyone knows Macs rule the graphics world, but what you may not know is that they are the foundation of many businesses as well. Now that Macs run Windows, the old argument that Macs can't run the same software as PCs is moot. Quite a few of my corporate clients are mixed-platform, meaning they have both PCs and Macs.

I personally believe the Mac is "more secure" than the PC, not that any computer is truly secure. Macs are based on the UNIX operating system, the same systems upon which the Internet was developed and continues to run. That's forty years' worth of security testing, compared to half that for Windows. I still advocate antivirus for Macs, and I hold out hope that Windows can be redesigned to be more secure without losing the features that have made it so popular.

So, should you buy PC or Mac? It's up to you but either way, I'll be here to give you a hand.

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