Parental Control Software

Choosing a parental control program can be a daunting task. There are so many options and features, it's hard to tell what's right for your family. Here are some popular solutions.

  • NetNanny (Windows/Mac)
    A veteran in the parental-control field, NetNanny was in dire need of an overhaul prior to this recent version. It's also newly available for Mac.

  • SafeEyes (Windows/Mac)
    This award-winning program includes almost every feature you can imagine, including web blocking, logs, scheduling, filters, and more.

  • Cyber Patrol (Windows)
    This is also a longtime veteran of the parental control world.

  • Intego ContentBarrier (Mac)
    From the makers of VirusBarrier comes this robust solution for Mac users.

  • Norton Internet Security 2008 (Windows)
    I'm not sure why they bother listing this as parental control software, because the features are very basic. You can use it if you already have it, but I would supplement it with one of the other options. And you might want to read why I don't recommend it anymore for antivirus.
If you don't see what you're looking for here, the Tools Database at GetNetWise offers a very handy search tool to help you find parental control software with the features you need.

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