Update: Norton Products Conflict With New Windows Service Packs

As an update to my post about problems with Norton AntiVirus, I'd like to note that a serious conflict has been discovered between several Symantec products (Norton Antivirus 2008, Norton Internet Security 2008, and Norton SystemWorks 2008) and the new Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.

Why should you care? Because SP3 is being installed automatically on consumer computers via Microsoft's Automatic Updates. If you have AU enabled and you are running a Norton product, your antivirus may become corrupted and unusable.

The fix is to uninstall the Norton product before installing SP3, then reinstall after. Reports indicate you may need to do this for Windows Vista SP1 as well. Or, set your AU to "notify but not install" and bypass the service pack installation until Microsoft and Symantec resolve the conflict.

In my opinion, neither Windows XP SP3 nor Vista SP1 are quite ready for consumers yet. Stay tuned to Triona's Tech Tips for the latest computer news.

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