Separate Work And Play On Your Computer

Do you play when you're supposed to be working? Here at Guidry Consulting, a day rarely goes by when I don't manage a round of 1980s arcade games. But there are dangers in mixing work and play on your computer. Some of the things we do for fun pose risks to the security of our business data.

File sharing is of particular concern. If you use LimeWire or KaZaa to download music and video, you may be exposing files to the Internet. A terrifying InformationWeek study found everything from confidential meeting notes to internal audits and financial results available via common file-sharing networks. This is because such programs often share the entire My Documents directory by default.

How can you safely mix work and play? Ideally, use separate computers, physical or virtual. When that isn't possible, be utterly sure your security measures are updated and effective. Share only a separate directory that is different from where you store your regular files. And stay tuned to Triona's Tech Tips for the latest in computer news.

How do you have fun with your computer? Post a comment and let me know.

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